African Women Leaders meet with Plaquemines D.A.

Download pdf of this articleOn June 10, a group of 11 African women leaders met with Plaquemines Parish District Attorney, Mr. Charles J. Ballay, and his staff to discuss the officeʹs efforts in addressing and prosecuting cases of domestic violence. The delegates asked many legal questions and were impressed by the one‐stop service center available to those seeking help. Ms. Mary Jane Tesvich, Domestic Violence Coordinator, explained how the office collaborates with police and the nearby counseling center to assist victims. The group also visited the courtroom and met with Assistance District Attorney, Ms. Mary Slavich Touzet, to discuss how juvenile offenses are handled in Plaquemines Parish. Following the court visit, the women made a stop at the counseling center where they shared issues victims of domestic violence face in their countries with the centerʹs staff.