Plaquemines schools see continuous improvement in student

According to district calculations for the 2009-2010 school year, Plaquemines Parish is ranked first in the state in percent proficient in fifth grade and tenth grade Math (students scoring Advanced, Mastery, and Basic). In ELA, the district’s fourth grade students ranked second in the state and several other grades were ranked in the top five.

The goal in Plaquemines Parish is to increase the number of students attaining Advanced and Mastery, while decreasing the number of students scoring Approaching Basic and Unsatisfactory. The local trend data indicates that GEE students have increased the percent proficient in both ELA and Math, dropped 2 percent in Science, and stayed the same in Social Studies. The percentage of fourth graders meeting promotional standards this year decreased from 91 percent to 88 percent in ELA and maintained at 88 percent in Math.

The district’s greatest concern is for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Nationally, middle-grades school improvement has stalled and the district recognizes that additional attention and resources must target the students in the middle schools. Plaquemines Parish administrators plan to continue to evaluate the effectiveness of all programs implemented to ensure that each student receives a quality education by monitoring teaching that focuses on the individual needs of each student so that it can remain one of the best school districts in the state.

“Our schools are steadily showing continued growth and we are proud of the improvement within our system,” said Superintendent Denis Rousselle.

OUR RESULTS: State Rankings

% Proficient
(Advanced, Mastery, Basic)
Grade 3 – 4th in state
Grade 4 – 2nd in state
Grade 5 – 6th in state
Grade 6 – 18th in state
Grade 7 – 13th in state
Grade 8 – 25th in state
Grade 9 – 20th in state
Grade 10 – 3rd in state

% Proficient
(Advanced, Mastery, Basic)
Grade 3 – 2nd in state
Grade 4 – 4th in state
Grade 5 – 1st in state
Grade 6 – 33rd in state
Grade 7 – 14th in state
Grade 8 – 18th in state
Grade 9 – 4th in state
Grade 10 – 1st in state