Traffic Tickets

The Office of the District Attorney prosecutes violations of state traffic laws occurring within Plaquemines Parish. The traffic laws are enforced by the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Louisiana State Police.

If you wish to pay your traffic ticket before it has formally been charged by our office, please see the bottom of your ticket. On the bottom of the ticket, you will be directed to call the PPSO at 504-297-5113 for the amount of your fine and will be advised as to how the payment should be paid. You may also go to for more information.

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office
Criminal Records
301 Main Street, Suite 206
Belle Chasse, LA 70037

Tel. (504) 297-5113

Please note that payment of a ticket constitutes a plea of guilty. Persons have until one day before their traffic trial date to pay their ticket.

If you wish to contest your traffic ticket at trial, please appear at the arraignment date and location on the bottom of your ticket by 9:00 a.m.

Note: Not all traffic tickets can be paid in advance. Some traffic tickets require a mandatory appearance before a judge of the 25th Judicial District Court. Examples include drag racing and traffic accidents.

Should you miss your traffic trial date, the court will issue a warrant for your arrest called a “bench warrant.” To have this warrant recalled, you will need to personally appear in court. You should contact the Judge’s Office to schedule an appearance to have your “bench warrant” recalled.